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tv   Ten O Clock News  KICU  May 4, 2013 11:30pm-12:31am PDT

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bay area firefighters jumped into action today trying to knock down flames, and fire season is just beginning. >> hello. one of those fires struck in a neighborhood and it didn't take long for the flames to destroy one home and threaten several others. we are live in san ramon where firefighters continue to watch
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for hot spots tonight. john? >> reporter: heather, fire crews are here watching these homes making sure nothing flares up and boarding these homes up, too. the eighth burr hood was in a pan -- the neighborhood was in a panic. there was just enough time to shoot this film. >> it was very scary. >> reporter: it started between two homes here. >> there is trees in the background that you can see behind the house there and earlier in the day the flames were almost as high up on the trees, and the fire jumped quickly from one house to the next. >> reporter: one home was in flames and firefighters tried to save the other homes. >> there was a lot of heat and smoke. >> reporter: the house on the left sustained some damage. julia hall lived in the home on the right for 25 years before
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this fire. but with her dog, she had a good attitude. >> my friends and family and my dog, and that's what costs. i lost a picture of the family history back to 1642, and boxes of stuff that i was planning on giving to my son, and they are gone. >> reporter: but she said she and her husbanded rebuild. >> my neighbors, all of these people have offered me everything. >> reporter: one fire fighter suffered a minor back injury. they haven't found the cause yet of the fire. >> firefighters raced to put out 2 mast -moving grass fires, one -- two fast-moving grass fires.
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we have more details. >> reporter: we are live in crockett and you can see traffic moving smoothly on i-80. earlier today they saw flames up above this area. >> it struck a rock, caused a spark and caused a fire to spot. >> reporter: they say this home enearn had the right idea -- the homeowner had the right idea but attempted it at the wrong time of the day. the fire spread 3 acres in napa. the mother was watching her boy's baseball game and the smoke caught her session. >> we came up the road here and we saw the fire just spreading up the hill. i thought it was a small fire. a couple of minutes later i saw black smoke and flames. >> i saw big, red flames and i
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knew it wasn't right, a controlled fire. >> typically the hottest part of the year here in napa is in august or september, and to have this in may is very scary . >> reporter: one fire burned 125 acres. in crockett this evening the hill side grass fire shut down i-80 and burned 5 acres. they worked to put it out, but steep terrain and wind made it difficult to gain control of the fire, but they eventually did. channel 2 news. >> fire cruise here tackled a brush fire that broke out just before 6:00 this morning along
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alpine, near the san mateo- santa clara line. one individual says the smell of smoke woke her up. the small fire was put out. in san jose firefighters doused the flare-up of a 30--acre fire near the shopping center. the cause of that fire remains under investigation, but they say a contractor was cutting brush for fire prevention. >> our meteorologist has been tracking the conditions for the firefighters out there. are things getting better? >> yes. we can thank the fog. this was the case on thursday with the top of the heat with temperatures near 90 degrees. it was very hot and dry, and the fire dangers were very high. the fire danger is coming down with the winds, as well. the temperatures will be in the 60s and 70s, and the fog
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will help transport more moisture into the area, and the -- and the humidity is around 30%. coming up we'll talk more about gusty winds developing off- shore and i'll break down the shower chances over the next two to three days. >> in the sierra, they are concerned about lightning causing a fire. a fire northeast of chico is 30% contained. it has threatened some summer homes, about 10 square miles of burn since wednesday, and three fight fighters suffered small
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injuries. in six minutes, firefighters gained the upper hand on this fire. more on the fires around the bay area and the major ones in south california, more online. an accident that killed two people where a blue subaru turned in front of a tow truck. a passenger inside the car died at the scene. the driver was airlifted to a hospital where he was pronounced dead. the two people inside the tow truck were not injured. a fundraising campaign is in the second week in san jose to help a mother and daughter injured in a freak accident. they took in about $500 last weekend and was on track today to top the figure. it's a brain child of a classmate of a 9-year-old girl who was injured, along with her mother, when a car that was
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involved in street racing crashed into the home. they stayed community response has been overwhelming. >> people want to be helpful. my daughter said yesterday, you know, if i do something good, somebody else will, too, and let's just keep the chain going. >> the daughter was pinned against a wall but escaped serious injury. her mother was seriously hurt and she main need to be hospitalized for six weeks. an suv slams into a house, and the driver died, not from the crash, but gun fire, and they are looking at home surveillance for home. jay saw this suv slam into the side of his house as he left for work. >> it was a vehicle that was speeding, hit the fence, and
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pieces were flying everywhere. >> the driver had been shot several times further up the block before crashing. >> he doesn't appear to be from this area. >> reporter: the impact jarred the home and was partly caught by their security system, cameras mounted out front. you see the toyota barreling at what police say was 40 miles per hour, fast enough to mangle the fence and send the top rail flying. >> good thing the pipe didn't hit my husband. >> reporter: here, jay glances up in time to see the vehicle coming down and he jumps away and the pole slides, and he calls 911 while running to the driver. >> the driver was, i think, still alive. >> reporter: they are experiencing an increase in
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homicides. they say the gun fire has never left, however. >> nothing is different. we still have the shootings. when i heard it, i turned over and went back to sleep. >> reporter: they say the victims is in his 40s but are silent on the suspect or motives. it's the 9th homicide of the year in a city that had 18 in all of last year. channel 2 news. a different kind of fire today in southern california, a massive bon fire here. a funeral
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new video tonight of a wood- wood-fueled fire that started today. it started from pallets. the blaze resembled a giant bon fire. there's progress fighting the massive springs fire. crews have contained more than half of the 28,000-acre fire, and tomorrow promises another
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day of cooler weather. evacuations continue as flames threaten thousands of homes. let's hear the latest. >> reporter: cooler temperatures and rising humidity give hope to firefighters battling these fires. officials say favorable conditions are allowing them to conduct controlled burns here. red flag warnings say that the weather is no longer right for wildfires. >> all of a sudden our front field caught fire and it was right in front of the house. we put it out with shovels and used whatever we could to keep our property and horses safe. >> reporter: the fires have damaged more than a dozen home and commercial properties. the venture total is about 28,000 acres. many locals, especially in or
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near the mountains remain on edge. nearly 1900 firefighters have battled the flames. >> they have been phenomenal. throughout yesterday they saved our entire community, and not one home burned. >> the santa ana winds, coupled with absence of rain has caused these fires. cooler temperatures on sunday and the outside hopeful rain should help them. fox news. >> fires have put a huge dent in the fire budget of $220 million. 170 million has been spent so fire and fire season has barely started. in '08, the fire season cost them about $100 billion. they will fight the fires, no matter what they say and they
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will turned to federal money to help. officers found a 38-year- old man with multiple gunshot wounds at this scene, and he died at the scene. his name is not released and the gunman is on the loose still. investigators went door to door today looking for any information about the person who killed an 8-year-old girl. officers fanned out around the area where she was stabbed to death last saturday. investigators say they have received hundreds of tips and are getting help from the fbi. >> we are making progress in this case. this morning we began a second canvas of the subdivision, and the purpose of that is to hopefully locate additional witnesses and/or refresh people's memories of the events
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last saturday. >> today's search today didn't turn up any clues, but they didn't reveal much more of anything. cinco de mayo is being celebrated this weekend. a festival today showcased mexican and latin culture with a lot of music and food. it has become a tradition here in the u.s. >> i like the music and i'm glad i showed up here and i've seen a lot of people participating here, a lot of friendly people. >> proceeds go to benefit youth and senior centers in the mission district. tomorrow san jose will hold the largest may 5th party. 10s of thousands are expecting -- many, many people
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are expecting, tens of thousands. drivers can expect checks this weekend. officers will check for drunk drivers leaving the celebrations going on. now to continuing coverage. boston marathon bombings. relatives are now demanding a second independent autopsy be performed. they tell us there is controversy over what to do with the remains. >> reporter: residents of massachusetts are protesting their local funeral home. inside this unaassuming white house with -- unassuming house here lies tamerlan tsarnaev. >> i don't think he's thinking about it. he's thinking aboutic maaing
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money. >> reporter: but the funeral director says he believes everybody deserves to be better. >> it's not a matter of money sometimes. sometimes you do what you have to do. if everybody was predicated on money, a lot of things i wouldn't be doing. >> the family has called for a second autopsy but says they will not fly is bad back to russia -- fly is body back to russia. the widow hasn't stepped forward and now investigators are trying to determine if she warned him with a phone call after the fbi broadcasted suspect photographs. >> she might have abetted by this phone call. >> reporter: this former fbi agent says she could be held accountable for what was said during that call and for how much she may have known before the bombing. >> if a device is being built in
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her small apartment, it's hard to conceive if you can't see as many as six or eight pressure cookers. >> reporter: today the president had comments regarding the investigation. their is a hearing scheduled for thursday. channel 2 news. today was the deadliest day of the year for western troops in afghanistan. eight soldiers died in three separate attacks, and at least five of the dead are americans. the five soldiers confirmed as americans died. two soldiers were killed in an insider attack when an afghan soldier turned his weapon on the trainers. one other soldier was killed in a small-arms attack. taking legal action, while
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. the president is back in the u.s. tonight after a 3-day trip to latin america. he landed at andrews today. he urged central american leaders to confront the
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violence in their region, costa rica. missiles struck a target at the damascus airport. the government says it's an experience, but it's known to be a transfer site, flying in weapons from iran. if confirmed this would be the second israeli air strike in recent days. overnight a miss sill shipment was targeted that was bound for israel gorillas. government forces carrying massacres on two coastal towns -- carrying out massacres on two coastal community where bodies of women and children are visible, and some of the women are holding children in their arms.
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a statement has been released that the u.s. is -- is apaulled. 10 days after an 8-story building collapsed, crews continue to pull bodies from the wreckage. the building housed five gar ment factories. we are seeing images of a tornado has it passes near a city in italy yesterday.
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the storm that brought that tornado also brought this hail. the governor of the region is asking to declare a state of emergency. >> this author is suing for the rights of "to kill a mocking bird." they say they took advantage of her bad eyesight and ordered her to sign a document where she didn't get entitlement. the rolling stones will be in oakland tomorrow! >> the staples center in la
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echoed with the sounds of the rolling stones. there was no telling you may sit in with the band tomorrow when they play. tickets to that show are still available. there is word the concert promoter slashed ticket prices to till -- to fill the center. the bay area is considering a new solar panel retirement. how a smoke detector can keep you safe even during a wildfire. paying up, while authorities may make two teenagers lost in may make two teenagers lost in the woods for days pay for ♪ alright, let's go.
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developing news. in sacramento, a live look where police are involved in a standoff situation in the oak park area, south of uc davis medical center. shortly after 7:00 tonight they saw a man in his 50s outside with a gun. the police received a report of a shot fired but nobody was hurt. police say the man went back into a home and now the swat team has been called out to help. sacramento police say they believe the man is inside the house by himself. we will continue to monitor this and keep you posted. firefighters were worry about responding to homes without smoke detectors. so this is what they did.
12:02 am
>> reporter: getting a knock on the door by firefighters usually is followed up by a scary time. but today the knock was about a free detector. >> i was amazed. it showed they cared. >> i will probably sleep better. >> reporter: in the past month three people have been killed in structure fires in san jose. and it's under investigation if a lack of smoke detectors was an issue. >> it's tough to swallow sometimes when you see an entire family is killed because they didn't have a smoke detector. >> reporter: yesterday about 2 miles away a 30-acre brush fire burned through a field threatening a mobile home park. firefighters says smoke detectors are often the first
12:03 am
signal that at firefighter is burning nearby, especially at night when the people are sleeping. >> there was a lot of smoke detected, and it was the detectors going off that alerted them that something was going on. >> reporter: even after today they are giving away detect teres. all you have to do is go to the fire department. >> two fire stations in santa rosa returned a full time service today. >> it's exciting for us. it's been closed for some time and it's affected our ability to serve the city, so stationses 10 and 11 are reopening federal time. >> federal grants allowed the city to hire more firefighters. the response time should improve. emergency managers in the north bay today held a drill to prepare folks for a major wildfire.
12:04 am
dozens of people this morning gathered at this fire station in mill valley. it was one of two evacuation centers set up for today's evacuation drills. >> i'm terrified of fire, so we think it's important to practice and know what we will do if there is a fire. >> it's important for people to at least build a plan. until do you that, you don't realize how much is involved with preparing for a natural disaster. >> the story about two california teens lost in the will derness for several -- wilderness for several days, that may cost them. these two teenagers went missing back on march 31 after going out on a hike in the cleveland national forest. it took search crews three days
12:05 am
to find one of them and four to find the other. they say methamphetamines were found in the car. ny say if the two were high when they got lost, well then they need to pay for the rescue. solar panels may be required to be put on new homes and buildings. the mayor says the solar panels on his pause caused him power bills to plummet. the city council takes up the matter tuesday night. today was graduation day in belmont. among the 425 graduates was a young man who has inspired many people along the way, even the president.
12:06 am
>> when we first met, a televised speech of president spoke of his brain cancer, diagnosed win he was three -- when he was three years old. today he graduates and had to put in many, many hours due to his memory loss with the disease. >> you can succeed in your life and make it through. >> as to his future plans, he says he wants to use his degree to work as an accountant. >> good for him. what place was just crowned the most exciting place to live in the u.s.? >> stick around for that one. what two pilots
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it was a warm day today, and warm none to go to the beach. crowds flocked to the beach today and they enjoyed the chance to walk the dog or fly a kite. the waves weren't great and the skies were overcast, but you could do a little serving. >> let's hear about the surf forecast and see if it's good enough for tomorrow! >> you might find me out there tomorrow at ocean beach or some place near the shoreline walking. today the fog returned to parts of the coast. the camera earlier tonight shows the fog pushing back into the bay, the source of cooling as we
12:10 am
head into your sunday. temperatures have been trending down over the past few days, but low 90s to report inland. san francisco, 73, and san jose, the upper 80s, at 87. you see clouds coming in from the east. we'll talk about that in a bit. but the fog is regrouping off the shore. that shading off the shore, that is the fog trying to do its thing. as far as current temperatures, they are in the 50s and low 60s out towards antioch and livermore. there's still a bit of a breeze out there. towards half moon bay, 22 miles per hour. toward the fairfield area, winds out of the west sustained at 20 miles per hour, so still a bit of a breeze out there, and the stronger winds will remain in the forecast through tomorrow. tomorrow, more clouds and fog, a chance of sprinkles or drizzle
12:11 am
coast-side, and monday there could be a few spotty showers. temperatures tomorrow will be mainly in the upper 40s to lower 50s with partly to mostly cloudy skies. the winds will be strongest near the coastline, out of the south and southwest. half moon bay we could have gusts 36 miles per hour. the winds will be a factor for your sunday. the temperature drop here, with this system, this is actually in nevada heading closer to the bay area, heading east to west, and the temperatures, 60s and 70s, and a chance of a scattered shower and thunder storm, and that will be monday and into tuesday. here is the forecast model, the clouds and maybe sprinkles tomorrow morning. into the afternoon hours, we could have a few sprinkles, as well. this forecast model does
12:12 am
generate at few scattered showers on monday. some of the other forecast models aren't so aggressive. temperatures for tomorrow, no more 90s or 80s. the warmest locations will be in the mid-70s. san francisco will have clouds and 63. here is a look ahead at your 5-day forecast with the weekend always in view. anywhere we go with a few spotty showers into monday and a chance of showers in tuesday. as we wednesday into wednesday and thursday, we will scale back on the clouds. but just a couple of days ago we were talking about mid-90s, and tomorrow it will be just in the 70s and perhaps a few showers. a historic day in air travel. this aircraft landed safely in arizona, about 20 hours after taking off. they said the flight was uneventful but at a cruising speed of about 40 miles per
12:13 am
hour, being very slow. the plane uses sunshine for power and is able to fly at night for using batteries. it will stay in phoenix for 10 days before flying to dallas. oakland has just earned a new title, most exciting city in the country, bidding out san francisco and new york. observing land earned top honors from certain bloggers on several criteria. for san francisco, it came in at number 3, and new york ranked 6th. >> go oakland! you kids should count yourselves lucky. we didn't have u-verse back in my day. you couldn't just... guys... there you are. you know you couldn't just pause a show in one room, then... where was i... you couldn't pause a show in one room
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welcome to the saturday night edition. it was the fight of the life, a shot at the title. nobody everybody questioned his intentions. may weather buckled his knees. he remains undefeated in 44 fights and he loses. a wild game at the at&t park with the giants beating the dodgers. the giants loaded the bases with nobody on in the first.
12:17 am
posey hits one. they led 6-1 headed to the 5th. it was 6-5 by the time gordan came up. he hits a low-liner, and the ball is lost, and the dodgers are in front and get seven in the inning for an 8-6 lead. but the giants answered back. it was 8-7 in the 5th. rodriguez let's lose with a while pitch and posey comes home and the game is tied at eight. the dodgers went back in front in the 7th. groundball to second and scutaro throws it, and the tag is avoid. so to the 10th we go. the last position player on the giant's' bench. for the second game in a row, a giant batter sends everybody
12:18 am
home. this is getting to be a regular thing. this is their 5th straight win. they are tied with colorado at top of the division. for a short time today it looks like oakland was working on a replay. last night rosales hit the first pitch he saw for a home run. the first batter today was john, and he gave them a ride, and it goes all the way to the wall, taking a home run away. runs were at a premium. the yankees found the fence in this one. stuart gets a hold of this pitch in the third, breaking a scoreless tie. he's the one that hit physical first recent in '11 with the giants -- his first home run in '11 with the giants. and look at this, a
12:19 am
, a safe spot here in front of smith, and he comes home with the third yankees run. 4-2 was the final, and it will be the same two teams follow to decide the series. the angels were tied 4-4 here in the 10th. and reimold slides in with the run. the angels, eight games under 508 games back. you can set your sports calendar by the first saturday in may, and it means time to run the kentucky derby, and this time for the 139th time. "orb" was one of the prerace favorite. 19 horses broke from the gate on a muddy track. >> here comes "orb" on the outside to take the lead. they come down to the 16th
12:20 am
pole and it's "orb," "normandy invasion," and "golden soul." and down to the wire there and "orb" has won. >> next for "orb" and a landmark for shug mcgaughey, getting his first derby win. second place went to "golden soul," e?w
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it's getting to be a
12:24 am
familiar story line today. the quakes hosted montreal. adam puts them on the board. they still trail by a goal. now we are in stoppage time. they are desperate. here's a long pass, and they are even. it's 2-2 in this one, the quakes, two, three and five, tied for fourth place in the west. they haven't been happy with the greens this ways in the wells fargo tournament in charlotte. but no problem for david here from for england.
12:25 am
wattney is equal with nichols. the warriors open their second around playoff series against the spurs on friday night. let's hear more. >> reporter: the warriors appeared rested and ready for round two of the playoffs. they left for san antonio after today's workout in oakland. >> is gives us enough time to recuperate and recover and get skated as far as the game plan and getting in the mild of our players what we are going to do. >> the spurs really are a different kind of team from the nuggets, you know.
12:26 am
>> they are a veteran team that is good. you have to pay attention to parker, duncan, and the role players, you know, are huge. >> they execute you to death. >> they have playoff experience, a hall of fame coach, and they have it all. it's just about going in there and doing what we do. >> they are a great team -- great team, in my opinion. >> david lee is unlikely to further test is torn hip flexor, but they hope to snap the 29-game losing streak in san antonio. >> after their windowed over the a's, they figured they would
12:27 am
take in another game, and it's the visiting bulls who are moving on. a big hoop here. look at this 3. the bulls move on and will play miami in round two. >> when you start a stanley zeros cup series on the road, it's great to come back. san jose is leading the series, two games to none. >> look at this, a big hit on the ducks, a notify-minute penalty and ejection. the ducks are short-handed. the puck is stolen and beats howard, and it's 2-0, and anaheim wins and takes a 2-1 lead in the series. the kings got in the win column in their series against st. louis. in the east, the capitals got the only goal of the game in
12:28 am
overtime and beat the rangers. washington leads the series, two games to one. nascar this weekend is at the super speedway in talladega. carl edwards is on the pole after -- after his race on thursday. look at this pileup with five laps to go. 10 drivers had their evening ended as the track looked like a wrecking yard before they got going again. they head to the line finally and brian is here, and cane crosses the line first, but they look back at the video and smith was declared the winner after a
12:29 am
look. that will do it for the saturday night edition of sportsnite. >> that giants' game was great. >> you don't expect them to come back from that, and they did. >> thank you. before we go, we want to pass along breaking news on the san mateo bridge. the westbound lanes of the bridge are closed and this is because of a car fire. >> that is the empty lanes on the right side of your screen. if you are trying to get to heyward or san mateo, you will have to take. bay bridge. a limo was involved in the crash. >> we have a crew that is on the way to the crash. be sure to join us tomorrow at 7:00 a.m. for the very latest on
12:30 am
this deadly crash. and check our facebook page for any updates >> on today's show, a reality show star turns author, plus a luchador leaps into the spotlight, and later, we go inside one of the biggest latino rock festivals in the world. only on "american latino tv." >> ♪ upside your head and inside yourself then you're over there and outside yourself ♪ [captioning made possible by latv] ♪ get inside yourself >> hey guys, it's your girl valery ortiz here, and you're watching "american latino tv," celebrating american lato


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